We help Health and Beauty businesses deliver an exceptional purchasing experience and drive profitability with centrally managed operations and reporting by providing Simple and Efficient Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) systems.

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SimplyPOS for Health and Beauty

SimplyPOS is a cost effective electronic point of sale (EPOS) system with functionality specifically for the Health and Beauty market. With customer management, appointment booking, text reminders to reduce no shows, commission reports, stock management and a full set of EPOS and reporting functionality.
SimplyPOS is perfect for all types of service and leisure such as Salons, Nail Bars, Spa’s and Clinicians. Innovate and expand your business by taking your point of sale mobile with devices such as the Pax A920, pay at chair and enable mobile clinicians to take payment.

The Right Choice

SimplyPOS looks and operates like a standard electronic cash register (ECR), this is something everyone has reference too and simplifies training. With its guided workflow, it is simple and intuitive to use.

SimplyPOS’ central view on your world provides the ability to make the best use of your stores, staff and products in order to maximise profit and focus on peak times.

You’re in business because you love your products and serving your customers, not because you want to keep up on technology. You need a solution that stays current, and simply brings new trends and technology right to you. SimplyPOS is automatically updated regularly, based on customer requests and market trends.

SimplyPOS is backed by a multi-level support team delivering “Enterprise Class Support”. Our systems run in the same type of operating environment that tier one retailers use. The SimplyPOS software uses a hybrid architecture of cloud and local data allowing it to work offline if your internet goes down.

SimplyPOS is a catalyst for your innovative retailing concepts by rapidly enabling change. Sell on the shop floor or at a festival, staff to consult on products as opposed to fulfilling transactions. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) allows to know your customer. Remind them of appointments via text, good for you and convenient for them. View spending and target appropriately. Operational efficiency is key for growth, without it, as you get larger you get slower. Register has been designed to enable retailers to scale with ease with centralised control. Add a café to your bike shop or salon.

Quite simply our EPOS automates tasks and gives you back time. Examples include, centralised reporting from all stores and Registers, that can be emailed direct to your account, automated stock management and commission calculations. All saving you time and money.



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